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Mohamed Amani

BBA, MBA, Adm.A., C.M.C.

Expert Trainer and Coach, Continuous Improvement, Change Management, Process Optimization, Operational Excellence, Lean Management, Work Organization

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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With his skills in Theory of Constraints, Lean Management and Six Sigma, Mr. Mohamed Amani is recognized as an excellent consultant and trainer capable of communicating complex ideas in clear terms through his andragogic style. Mr. Amani helps organizations to their performance by creating more value directly with their employees. He constantly works with the holistic approach based on the triptycH Human, Organization and Technique. Thanks to his excellent ability to mobilize teams, Mr. Amani successfully leads complex initiatives, always striving for excellence.

Key Strengths

•  TLS Approach

•  Process Optimization

•  Continuous Improvement
•  Andragogical Approach
•  Holistic / Systemic Approach


•  TLS, Agile, Scrum, Lean, LEANdership, DMAIC, Kaizen


Ordre des administrateurs agréées du Québec (AdmA), La Converse, Compagnie Algérienne de Mobilier Métallique d’Organisation (CAMMO), GIG Algeria (anciennement L'Algérienne des Assurances), Sciquom, IDÉEForce, Bora Consulting, Entre Parents Montréal Nord, ACPE Inc., Blean Stratégies, GE Conseil, Transition Services Conseils, CBC Consultants, UMMTO, Entreprendre Ici.

Areas of Expertise & Core Competencies

•  Agile coaching to adopt best practices and maximize team effectiveness
•  Design and development of training materials and content
•  Systemic organizational diagnosis and global performance management
•  Writing and improving organizational procedures and documentation
•  Re-engineering of business processes using TOC, Lean Management & Six Sigma philosophies
•  Optimization of overall company performance (Profit, cash-flow & ROI)
•  Holistic vision by optimizing the synergy of the
triptych: Human - Organization - Technique
•  Andragogy, for knowledge transfer and agile coaching (good relational, strategic and political skills)
•  Mastery of continuous improvement and problem-solving methodologies
•  Mastery of Lean-Six Sigma tools, Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen, A3 Problem Solving, SMED approach, FMECA, Poka Yoke, 5S...
•  Knowledge of Agile project management best practices
•  Positive, multi-dimensional leadership and facilitation skills
•  Positive attitude and focus on continuous improvement
•  Creative spirit and ability to deal with ambiguity
•  Conflict resolution skills and management of dynamic complexity


Change Management


•  Diagnosis of change capacity: culture, risks, deadlines, capabilities, etc.

•  Development of change management strategies: mission, vision, value systems.
•  Preparing teams and assigning roles and responsibilities according to the desired future state (company vision).
•  Support and accompany teams through organizational change.
•  Manage resistan
ce and support stakeholders.

Academic Qualifications

•  Master of Business Administration (MBA) | Profile: Management Consulting, Université du Québec à Montréal ― School of Management (ESG UQAM)

•  Master's Degree in Management | Profile: Supply Chain Management, Institut Supérieur de Gestion et Planification (ISGP), Algeria

•  Professional Master's Degree in Strategic Management and Logistics, IDEEForce, Algeria (Canadian-Algerian organization)

•  Bachelor's Degree in Management Sciences | Profile: Business Management, Université Mouloud Mammeri (UMMTO), Algeria

Honours & Certifications

  Certified Management Consultant (CMC) | Since Oct. 2021 | Code: C.M.C. - 50387

  Member of the Ordre des administrateurs agréés du Québec (Adm.A) | Since 2018 | Code: A18-50387

  Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training | ACPE, Saint Bruno, QC | Dec. 2020

•  Vice President | Entre Parents Montréal Nord

•  Administrator | Centre des jeunes l'Escale

Publications (in French)

  Article 1: Globalization has imposed a new competitive reality, Lean Management, Innovate or Disappear!
  Article 2: TLS: TOC + Lean Management + Six Sigma. A new philosophy revolutionizing the organizational world!
  Article 3: LEANdership ― Leading with respect.
  Article 4: Successfully managing resistance to change, relying on an immutable process for a serene future!
  Podcast: Theory of Constraints (TOC) combines performance and growth!



  3 Conferences for 10 to 25 people for Entreprendre ICI : Successfully managing resistance to change, Relying on an unchanging process for a serene future!
  1 Conference for 25 people for the Ordre des administrateurs agréées du Québec (AdmA): Successfully managing resistance to change, Relying on an unchanging process for a serene future!
  2 Conferences for the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ) : "The political game in your organization" | Montreal 56 people and Quebec 126
  1 Conference for 10 companies, on the theme "Occupational health and safety is everyone's business", in collaboration with Emploi Québec and MRC Berthierville.

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