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Common Business Challenges, Communication, Trust, Productivity, Change

4 Common Business Challenges

1. Communication

How do you ensure the free flow of accurate information throughout the company structure when most interactions take place by email, chat or telephone?

2. Trust

How do you win the trust and commitment of employees in an environment where face-to-face interactions are rarer?

3. Productivity

How do you maintain a productive, sustainable workforce that enables the company to remain competitive, when some employees work remotely without daily supervision and risk burnout due to a lack of boundaries?

4. Change

How do you cope with unpredictability and adapt to an environment where frequent change, volatility and uncertainty have become the norm?

Polarization, relationships, linear thinking, belonging, practice, possibilities

Key Insights

  • Polarization is an energetic phenomenon of being which occurs in the space between us, in our relationships. It’s visceral.

  • Polarization is also a survival mechanism from the brain to ensure the survival of the being or anything the being considers itself to be.

  • Linear thinking is the root problem of polarization.

  • People are trying to find their belonging, their tribe.

  • The present moment is the only place where you can have
    an impact on polarization. Since it doesn't last, you have to
    do it again and again (it's a practice).

  • The world consists in an infinite number of possibilities
    that do not exist until you ask the question. In polarization,
    possibilities are not explored because we don’t ask the

Gaps & Opportunities

  • How to overcome fear, individualism and ego?

  • How to break down prejudices and preconceived notions?

  • How to avoid getting stuck in the past or the future?

  • How to hold contraries, opposites, paradoxes at the same time? Does polarity have to result in polarization?

Polarization, polarity, polarities, opposites, contraries, paradoxes, fear, individualism, ego, prejudices, preconceived notions

The Root Cause: Polarization

What’s happening

Polarization (extremes of opinion, erosion of a more moderate center) is an increasing topic of concern for people in many areas of their lives, from family get-togethers to workplace relationships.

Impact of the challenge

People want to destroy the opposite thinking, are afraid and don’t feel safe. This creates arguing, very little openness, deep divisions, no compromise, no consensus.

What’s holding the challenge in place

Propaganda, sensionalism, disproportionate coverage of extreme views in the media, activism, policies, in-group bias, failing political system, powerful corporations with partisan motives influencing policy outcome.

Polarization in the workplace



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