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How to Build an Organizational Culture of Collaboration and Innovation

Mr. Jean-Marc Sheitoyan, Managing Director and Founder of Spaces For Being, had the honor of speaking at the Symposium on composite materials held on November 8, 2023 in Saint-Jérôme, Québec, Canada, on the theme of Innovation and Circular Economy, organized by the Centre de développement des composites du Québec (CDCQ) and the Regroupement des Industries des composites du Québec (RICQ).

Here's the summary of his talk, entitled "How to build a company culture of collaboration and innovation":

Today's businesses face major challenges in terms of communication, trust, productivity and engagement. They must cope with unpredictability and adapt to an environment where frequent change, volatility and uncertainty have become the norm, while maintaining a productive, sustainable workforce and investing in technological and strategic innovation to stay competitive. Winning the trust and loyalty of employees is no easy task in the new normal of hybrid work teams, where face-to-face interactions are rarer and some employees working remotely without daily supervision risk burnout due to a lack of boundaries.

Corporate culture, built around the company's mission and the core values of its leaders, is essential to creating a safe, respectful, open and welcoming working environment, facilitating dialogue, building trust, finding common ground and encouraging team members to work together towards common goals. Collaborative Innovation is a context open to possibilities in which people come together to solve a problem with no obvious solution, to create new value that didn't exist before, and to provide a powerful collaborative force to drive transformation. By improving their soft skills and interpersonal competencies, team members can develop mutual respect, understanding and trust, as well as increased levels of communication, collaboration, innovation, performance and productivity.

For more information, please consult his presentation (in French) by following this link:

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