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Tracey Gaudette


Psychosocial Counsellor, Group Workshop Facilitator, Consultant, Textile Technologies, Outdoor Clothing, Uniforms & Protective Clothing, Quality Assurance & Control, Inspection & Compliance, Problem Solving

Location: Val-David, Quebec, Canada

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Mrs. Tracey Gaudette is a passionate and optimistic professional with extensive experience in the textile and apparel industry, including uniforms, sportswear, outerwear, swimwear and protective clothing. She has developed an ability to grasp complex situations and find effective solutions. Her decisiveness and critical thinking skills enable her to meet challenges with confidence. Her creativity, curiosity and authenticity lead her to explore new ideas and seek innovative solutions. 


Above and beyond her professional skills, she holds fundamental values that guide her personal and professional life. Love, empathy, respect, honesty, openness, cooperation and resilience are principles she values and which influence her interactions with others. Tracey has spent a lot of time in hospitals. Today, she wants to give back and use her great empathic listening skills to help people as a psychosocial counsellor/therapist.


During her career in textile technologies, Mrs. Gaudette improved the quality control protocols and ensured compliance to standards for the brands Orage and Lolë, as well as the mass market brand Paradox for Costco. Tracey also travelled to Asia to solve problems at suppliers' factories in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taïwan.



•  Counseling

•  Psychosocial Support

•  Uniforms & Protective Clothing

•  Sportswear, Outerwear, Swimwear
•  Quality Assurance & Quality Control
•  Inspection and Testing

•  Application & Improvement of Standards

•  Overseas Production
•  Problem Solving

•  Technical Support


•  Great Empathic Listening Skills

•  Respect, Honesty, Openness, Cooperation and Resilience

•  Team Player

•  Inquiring Spirit

•  Strong analytical Skills

•  Precision & Attention to Detail
•  Spirit of Initiative

•  Versatile

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