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Be Yourself: Everyone Else Is Already Taken

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Quote by Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), Irish Poet and Playwright known for his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray.


You are enough and should not waste your time copying others. You can be the best version of only one person in this entire world — and that is you. You have your unique talents and qualities; you have your unique experiences; you have your unique creativity. If you don’t know you have all these, then discover it. We all have hidden jewels deep within us, and life is all about identifying them and bringing them out so that everyone can benefit from us.


Have you ever felt that you are not satisfied when you try to be someone else, you feel that you lack something? Being ourselves can be one of the best choices we can ever make. Here are 3 benefits of being yourself:


Most of the time, we are just complaining about our weaknesses and regretting the mistakes we have committed in the past, blaming others for our lives. All of these are not going to help us in any way but create more problems. The best thing to do in these situations is to accept and forgive yourself. Accept all your weaknesses, accept that you are responsible, forgive yourself for all the mistakes committed. You have to accept your weaknesses because nobody is perfect, everyone has weaknesses, everyone commits mistakes. Once you accept yourself, you will feel deep satisfaction, you will develop understanding, you will be at peace with everything and you will be yourself.


If you don’t like yourself, then work and improve what you don’t like. With continuous and dedicated effort, you can do anything. So, figure out what you don’t like about yourself and then work on it. For example, if you are overweight and don’t like your body, then you have to put effort into losing weight. Wake up in the morning, go for morning walks, practice yoga, eat more vegetables and repeat it every day. Just do it.


Now that you have accepted your weaknesses, it’s time to love yourself wholeheartedly. People are trying to be others because they love others more than themselves. They don’t realize they have unique qualities and talents. So, you need to discover your talents if you don’t know them yet. Your talents and qualities can make you fall in love with yourself. Love yourself for everything you have — parents, health, water, food, electricity, internet, etc. Don’t take things for granted because there are unfortunate people out there whose dream is to live the life you are living right now.


Don’t live anybody else’s life but your own. Discover your unique talents and qualities, and use them to create something valuable. When you are yourself, you are free to do what you love, your life is happier and you use your superpowers. Accept your weaknesses, love your strengths and work on what you don’t like about yourself.

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