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Collaborative Innovation: People Support What They Help to Create

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Considering that people tend to support what they help to create, it is important to think from a future that inspires others with a sense of what is possible and helping people focus on what they are capable of, rather than just what they do.

Today, we face a collision of major breakdowns in business, government and human affairs that can only be resolved through extraordinary innovation, specifically Collaborative Innovation.

The Art and Science of Collaborative Innovation

In June 2020, our team took part in "The Art and Science of Collaborative Innovation" Master Class, an intensive 4-week curriculum organized by the Collaborative Innovation Institute in the United States.

While collaborative innovation is a process that can be applied to any situation, it requires a serious commitment on the part of a person or a team to be successful with this approach. It takes energy, trust, steadfastness and belief to truly employ this approach.

The vision of the Collaborative Innovation Institute is to unleash the creative, imaginative and transformative potential of individuals and organizations toward a preferred future through collaborative innovation.

The mission of the Collaborative Innovation Institute is to foster and facilitate a better future for individuals, organizations, nations and cultures by fostering a spirit of collaborative innovation throughout the world, encouraging collaborative diversity for positive change across disciplines, generations, organizations, nations and cultures, applying collaborative innovation to the identification and successful implementation of breakthrough solutions that produce meaningful and effective change, demonstrating how collaborative innovation is the missing ingredient when people, organizations and governments reach breakdowns, evaporating the invisible and counter-productive boundaries between people, organizations and cultures to address shared challenges using collaborative innovation.

The Six Principles of Collaborative Innovation

Collaboration isn’t about knowing something, but rather creating an environment and culture which rewards and allows for multiple viewpoints to be heard and considered. This requires strong creative leaders with the courage to change tack, away from old ways of operating from the past, to resolve big challenges.

The following Six Principles of Collaborative Innovation help expand creativity and innovation:

  1. Energy Awareness: Constant awareness of the energy in the team and commitment to create the required energy at the right time.

  2. Mutuality: Human mutuality and respect by all members for each other.

  3. Curiosity: Culture of curiosity and everyone's willingness to actively seek and understand new information.

  4. Generous listening: Actively, openly and caringly listening to each other.

  5. Committed speaking: Absolute honesty in all conversations and commitments, always telling the truth, the whole truth and only the truth.

  6. Coachability: Being willing to be coached and helped if needed in order to reach the objectives, even if it means changing your mind.

Bringing together the combined knowledge and experiences of a group of people and encouraging them to collaborate based upon these Six Principles ignites creativity and innovation. What emerges is whole new worlds of possibilities...

Collaborative Innovation Institute

Learn more by visiting the Collaborative Innovation Institute's website at:

Book "Collaborative Innovation" by Dr. Bart Barthelemy

Collaborative Innovation can produce powerful results and move teams and organizations from breakdowns to breakthroughs. The Wright Brothers Institute has pioneered the development and application of this powerful innovation process. This book describes the practices and principles that can be used to stimulate, facilitate, support and sustain Collaborative Innovation.

Available for purchase at:

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