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Failing Forward to Success: Rising to the Occasion and Stepping into the Challenge

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Failure is only part of the process, so long as we're willing to keep trying—so long as we're determined to press on.

To fail is only to discover what doesn't work—it is not an end, rather a continuation. Space to gather ourselves and reassess—time to review and refine.

We must be prepared to occasionally have even our best laid plans wrecked beyond comprehension. We must embrace the reality that, from time to time, we are going to experience absolute heartbreak and devastation—this is the human experience.

This is the human condition.

We must be mindful to realize that we won't always get to see things through the way we would like. We won't always get to finish what we started. We won't always have the opportunity for another chance.

Sometimes doors we intend to pass through are not for us.

Sometimes we aren't prepared to pass.

Sometimes they close on us.

Sometimes doors may even slam shut in our faces—triple deadbolt lock, board themselves up, and the building they belong gets condemned.

But, that's the thing about doors—just as opportunities—there will be another one, as long as we keep moving forward. As long as we don't get distracted, diverted, discouraged, or depressed in our pursuit, then we will always stand to open another door—to take on another opportunity.

Do not let distractions pull you off course.

Do not allow diversions to hijack your motivation.

Do not get discouraged in your passion.

Do not give in to depressive disruption.

Rise to the occasion.

Step into the challenge.

Do not live in fear—afraid of failing—ashamed of past failings. Don't allow these senseless anxieties to cripple you—to come between you and your best life. Do not let these moments and memories of struggle become suffering. You do not have to endure this mindless emotional disturbance. You have the power to overcome what you have allowed to overwhelm you.

We must grant ourselves the freedom to fail without condition—the room to the fall without restraint. When we give ourselves the space to try without the need to label our every attempt, then we give ourselves the space to improve, to develop, to mature, to grow.

We cannot evolve into our highest self, unless we provide ourselves the environment and atmosphere for that evolution.

Failure is not final. Finality is final.

Failure is not fatal. Fatality is fatal.

Pick yourself back up.

Dust yourself back off.

There's a great deal more to you—a great deal more for you—you just have to get through to break through.

Your best days are ahead.

Keep failing forward.

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